Snippets...August 2009
   you got to be kidding...
Saturday   August 29,2009         On the hill, Winterport         44°68'N   68°34'W

My name is Jack.

Yes...simply Jack!! Simply Jack and not Jack Windsor of Eden; just Jack. Though probably I was #JR3385 at birth in that filthy puppy mill where I floundered for 6 weeks until these two adopted me; lucky me...I don't know what became of my sibs, nor do I want to know. I doubt they are alive today... But back to has been simply awesome...three meals a day; an aging cat to terrorize daily; free roam of the house to sniff out and kill socks and panties that have scent; able to snuggle against the Ms. all night although 'he' keeps encroaching or whatever he does. And then that bozo gets the idea to take the catamaran south towards Panama BUT with me on it!! What type of a nut cake! Dogs don't belong on water sofas to lounge on. And where am I supposed to do my duty? He buys this special scented artificial turf. What a whack job! I'll do what I want to do wherever I want to do it. And where am I supposed to run? Around the boat 20x a day? He's crazy!
And he's not talking a short trip but from October 2009 through May 2010...8 months! And then they will probably quarantine me in some of the countries he's planning.
I'm suggesting someone steal me off the boat before he leaves, so I and the Ms. can stay home...the way life should be.
Help! Help! Help!

   Tuesday  August 18     Baxter State Park, Maine        45°54´N   68°55'W

The guys were in shape...John has run a marathon...he and Bill have done the Vermont50, while Rick is always fit. John weeks earlier had been up and down Katahdin TWICE IN ONE DAY. We all thought he was crazy. Me...I vaguely remember in the late 1980s having been up and down; but of course I was in my 40s then...not the geezer I am today.'s just a hike, but at 90deg F; hottest day of the year.
What compelled me to persist was the 'photo op' on top...'Dad and his three sons'. And it was worth it.

Of course it was Daniel, Thomas, Sam, and 4 grandsons that made the day.  They basically ran up and down the mountain as though they were romping in the school playground.  Imagine...3 generations of Gause men on top.  Now that's a photo worth sweating for.      

  It took a solid week for my quads to recover; but it stands as one of my greatest memories...
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