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Thanksgiving week, November 2012  Winterport, Maine   44°39' 56" N,   58°54' W


We've been gone but now we're here.

Nancy has been 24/7. I've been circling the drain with Jack, the Jack Russell as my shadow, keeping me afloat. He can be underneath my feet or plunked by the woodstove.

He could be sleeping beneath my once nautical marine chart desk, now my laptop desk, which is in total disarray. Or he could be asleep on our queen bed, or leaning out the Jeep window to ward off dogs on a walk who he thinks are intent on attacking  us. All I have to say, “Jack” and he is here. “Good boy, Jack…Good boy, Jack.”












He hates the memory of his airline crate...it took a favorite biscuit placed there to get him to peek inside for a snapshot...but he will have to endure eight hours of flight time to move on to Panama.





















How to summarize the absence of a year in just one sentence...only one sentence.





My family (that’s the noun) has blessed  (that’s the verb) me (the object), (and now the dependent and independent clauses, adverbs, adjectives, run-ons, ) with joy, from simple glances to verbal hatchets, from morning coffees to porch evening tonics, from beach strolls to mountain peaks, from laundry to horse mucking; we have been there, and are still here…wanting more.

And now we prepare for another six months aboard svNavigator in Panama.  Bob finished his book. Nancy is about finished with Bob. Kathryn said good-bye to Emma, her longtime yellow lab puppy turned fourteen and blind.  Jack lost his coach, Auntie Annabelle, our English Sheepdog and Nancy's love, turned over the edge with doggie Altzheimers.

We learned the loss of Bocas friends, Frankie on svInfinity, Gale on svDenmark.  Bocas friends have had their ups and downs from boatrobberies to beach assaults, but they hang on, just because…

That is why we return laden with stuff, not clothes...just stuff for svNavigator. Stuff includes engine zincs, even a backup alternator and exhaust elbow, more small inverters, dinghy nightime lights, Nancy's favorite cheese pasta, a ball thrower for Jack, tennis balls included. It's a long list we will pay for at the airline checkin counter. Jack to fit under our seats must weight less than twenty pounds. He is twenty-one pounds yesterday. I'm thinking to put a plaster cast on his leg about a broken bone comment explaining his overweight status.

svNavigator, our floating bungalow of sails and stuff, now in Caribbean waters, far from Maine winters, will shelter us thru the torrential  ‘rainy’ Panama  season, as we prepare her for more bluewater adventures, more oceans to celebrate.


Speaking of celebration…Thanksgiving celebration last year 2011 was a family of Gary, his dog  Estelle, and Bob, add friends and cruisers, all at Rhana Azul in the Darklands of Panama.  This year it is Bob, Nancy, Kathryn ,and sons Bill, John, Rick; they are flanked by Alyse, Phoebe, and Jen; throw in grandsons Dan, Sam, Thomas, and Peter.  Include four dogs, add a twenty-five year old fifteen pound cat, all gathered to celebrate family, friends, health…and Maine.

Kathryn popped her cork, a twenty-five year old bottle of  Moet & Chandon.  The BJR brothers hoisted their sister to mimic the twenty-four year old stage setting when she held her first bottle of champagne at five months of age. 

BTW reveled in his once, now adult, children.


Since I do not have a similar picture of my children going back forty years, twenty years, even one year; I can only hope to add the same staged picture one year, ten years, maybe even twenty years from now, if someone steady will hold the camera, or whatever we are using then, 2032.



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